Ah, if we could be young again–
Young in body, and free in soul,
If we could free ourselves
From these worldly desires
That rot our soul, to the core!

If we could give things to others
Without wanting something back
If we could look in their eyes
And admit, “yes, it was my fault”,
Without being afraid of their response.

I would want to smile
Just once more, like I did before,
Without having to hide
These evil intentions
That take shelter in my soul.

I would want to be that kid again
That fell on the ground,
But still, he was smiling!
Because there were people to help him,
There were people to lift him up.

Cause we grown ups, we’re rotten as hell
We want only money and fame
Just to prove something;
Just to prove that we are better,
Better, than everyone else.

When we started to have these desires
I don’t really know,
But if we could be young once more
Maybe we wouldn’t fall again…
Maybe we wouldn’t fall so low.


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