Elegy for the soul

This world has too much of what we are supposed to want,
And not enough of what we really need.

We’re overflown with ideas of beauty, elegance, purity;
In which you can’t find beauty, elegance, or purity
No matter how much you squint!

We’re overflown with information, eye gouging riches that ours can be
Diamonds, wealth, treasures and fame
Which aren’t ours! -But if we kneel, beg, plead– Ours can be!

We’ve betrayed the soul, and sold its light
For a high place in the kingdom of mortals, we gave it up!
Only to satisfy, to feed our lust; -We clang onto pride.

Immortality was ours, but we gave it away;
For a rich, short, and powerful life among the mortals
We killed, and we burned our humanity… No! -Our immortality away.

Lie penetrated truth, and became truth itself.
Words, using the power to seduce, seduced our minds, our kind–
And we became thoughtful humans, with not a single thought in our head.

Darkness was always there, but we mold in into a shape;
Now we sell it, we buy it, we destroy with it… And pray to it
Whenever our actions betray our gullible selves.

Colors were our gift, our soul’s form,
The embodiment of our hopes, our dreams, our thoughts.
But now we’ve turned our backs on them, we sold them for a choice!

We’ve tainted everything, even the talks.
Now our eyes see only black, and our ears… Hear only sounds.


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