Can’t I?
Let’s say,
Just for a moment
Can’t I–
Just for a second
Or a minute, or an hour
Can’t I? – Take a break
And just for once, stop! Rest.
Can’t I?
I mean, shouldn’t I?
Be normal, just for once
Join the crowd
Join the sounds
Join the noise
Can’t I?
I mean,
Aren’t I allowed
To rest, just once,
Just this time,
Just this one time, relax,
Play the fool, the kid,
The retard,
Or the one who’s always mad.
Can’t I?

Cause to tell you the truth,
I don’t enjoy being normal
Whenever I please,
Whenever I want,
Or with anyone whom I just met;
Whom I just know;
Who just happened to be in my path.


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