After forty years
none of these will have a meaning;
Your face will be full of wrinkles
your hands will shiver
your smile will wither
just like–
when you were born!
Weak and powerless.
Not able to distinguish
between thoughts
good or bad,
alone in a broken chair
thinking back…
Oh, how beautiful was this ride
this moment you had.
Full of love, passion,
cries and death,
all of them mixing together
bringing you joy,
and tears, and pain,
and yet, you smile
from the nostalgia
created in the air!
With wrinkles on your lips
tears falling on your cheeks
every time you see the picture
hanging on the wall
you smile,
cause that is the proof
that shows your life deeds!

A memory of you
a heart touching feeling
remembering you the times
when you were strong and tough,
with life in front of you
and your head up in the sky.
And now, you stand
alone in this huge room
creating stories
that won’t last that long,
they will break,
slowly taking the picture
out of your head
but, that is the best part
cause that will give you time
to create another one,
right from the scratch!
Again and again…
Until your clock stops
and your eyes close
that’s when you will know,
it is time to go…


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