Ah, for the living

For the brain full of thoughts,
For the heart full of tears,
For the touch dusted by time
And for the tear wet by tears!

For the smile, one that goes
From one ear to the other ear,
Or for the idea, a clean one
Untainted by people, by greed!

For the sign, that comes without a sign;
For the shout, that comes without a sound;
For the favor, that comes without a question
And for the word, that comes without any abbreviation!

For truth! – And the lies that come
After it has been spoken.
For laughter! – And desperation
That follows after it is unfolded.

For joy! – And for peace that allows it;

For beauty! – And for the shadows that inhabit it;
For belief! – And for the lack of facts supporting it;
For creed! – And for the hearts that dearly cling to it!

Ah, for power!
Ah, for life!
Ah, for the hope to change!
Ah, for our great, desperate, human kind.


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