Proud little humans

Oh, but without fear how can the man know?
This frail little creature made of skin and bones
Who sees what he sees and believes– only what they show!
How can, without being stepped upon, rise!
How can he learn to move without wanting to know?
How? -How can he cease to sit on his buttocksĀ 
If he is not afraid of what future to him will show?
How? -How can he forget what he was supposed to know
If he is not afraid!(and in fear wake up, and move on.)
Without fear, how can he– change the course of this rock?
If he is not afraid, how can he fulfill the duty
That as a man, he took on his back, to carry it on!
How? – How can a man who has never been scared of anything,
Who knows no fear– ever change; How can he ever get strong?
How can he fight against the tides of fate
That clash against his body, daily, against his soul!
How can such a man, such a weak man, move one!
If his soul is unafraid; If his heart wont tremble;
If his blood hasn’t touched his soul, from fear,
How can he say that he lived?
This poor little creature, from life, what can he show?


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