Since the beginning of my mind
I saw with eyes that were not mine,
I walked with legs that I couldn’t lift
And the air I breathed was drenched in greed.

I swallowed thoughts that other ditched
Science, beliefs, and long gone creeds.
In black and white they got me dyed
But I ran away, I survived!

Throwing up what they made me eat
I cleaned myself from hate and greed.
And from colors without a shine
I changed to green, feeling alive.

And in green I stood for a long time
Until I met those, dyed, in rainbow lime.
Glimmering and dazzling indeed they could shine
But they were not real, so I left them behind.

I walked fast, slow, and sometimes I even ran
Till I reached a place with nothing behind.
I took that leap, entering a non-existent time
Everything was there, I got confused…

…I smiled. I could breathe for the first time.


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