A piece of meat?!

“A piece of meat.”
His eyes searched her body

From head to toe
Starting from her hair
Down to her eyes
Her lips, her nose.
Looking at her neck
He bit his own lip
For he was too far
To feast on her,
To take a bite of her lips.

“Her breasts are perfect!”
That’s what he thought.

I have to eat,
To quench my hunger
I need to eat,
I need to have those!Ā 
Looking at her belly
He pictured his own self
Touching her body, he touched his own body
Like a butcher;
That’s when he lost himself.

But she walked away,

And all he could see
Was meat!Ā 
A piece of meat
And nothing more.
His eyes saw everything
But not what she hid-
And she had hidden more,
Way more…
More than he could ever chew,
Way more…


5 thoughts on “A piece of meat?!

  1. ?….Pretty dark colored words…really in depth…Personal experience?. Where did the inspiration come from? Good poem, got me thinking. Especially after seeing this video about ‘the scrambler’ and being able to fuck girls on demand lol!.. gnarly timing,hope all is well

    • Well, it kinda comes from personal experience, something I used to think, let’s say 5-6 years ago.
      But 2years ago I started writing, and look at me now!
      I think I’ve changed a lot šŸ˜€

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