I must confess!
I have loved the moon
more than,
I can ever love the sun.
That’s what kept me warm
on the starless nights-
in those nights,
when clouds were thick
heavy and tight,
in those times
when rain poured
and poured,
tiny wet meteorites
unstoppable floods of pain
that crashed
in my flesh and heart.

I must confess!
I loved her too much
and all of her shapes;
I loved her insanity
that once in a month she gave; 
I loved her moves
even when she went away;
I loved her, I loved her,
I know…
I deserve to be called insane.


8 thoughts on “Moonstruck

  1. Hi. I’m not sure what to say about this poem, so I’ll say nothing at all. I’ll keep pondering the meaning. Oh maybe there is no meaning. lol I’m done.

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