Thick red, colored lips
Dark hair, white skin
Perfectly shaped breasts
Smooth cheeks,
A creature divine
Reincarnation of Aphrodite.

Big eyes, perfect chin
Long neck, swan lake queen
A body that talks
Gaze, that penetrates deep
Turning blood to stone,
In her Medusa sleeps.

Slow pace, head high
Crossed legs, a mirage
An illusion that confuses
All who dare to stare
Inside her beautiful legs
Hera takes her place.

Strong will, brave thoughts
Abusive smile, enslaving touch
Dancing in the wind
Fighting, when it rains
I have heard about Athena,
But she’s better than that.

You can read books, paint 
Discover things, invent shapes
And you will still fail
And fall on your knees
When it comes to depicting
Just a line, of her graceful skin.


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