Where are you
When you close your eyes
When you’re escaping
Where do you hide?
Under the moon
On a scary night
Or behind the sun
Where the lights ignite!
And if the sky cracks
What will you do,
Where will you go,
When there wont be anymore
The rising of the sun,
Or the falling of the snow.

Where do you look
Or what do you see
On the darkest dark
What do you fear?
A huge monster
Bearing a big club,
Or a big club
Full of monsters…
Which one of these
Keeps your sanity intact?
And when the lights come
Where do you seek help?
On bright horizons,
Or from a lifeless building
Raised and built on death.

But, no matter what you do
Or what your intentions may be
Whatever your directions are
Always remember one thing:
Your brain is big,
Bigger than you can ever be
And to sail it all
You need to do a big change…
Start by changing your ship.


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