Future, so close

My child,
you are alone, totally
in this sorrowful world;
Your existence makes you hated
yet, you’ve done nothing wrong!
I can feel your grief
but I can’t ease your pain
my child,
I can set you free
but please,
help me do that!

My child,
how’s the sky
do you like the view?
Can you see a little blue?
I bet you can’t
and I’m the one to blame
so start hating me
will you,
before you start hating yourself.

My child,
all these fucking skyscrapers
have they plagued enough?
I remember seeing trees when I was young
but now,
only plastics are left!
But you don’t have to worry
you know,
cause it will all be in your hands
all this useless land…
I’m sorry,
now have fun with that!

Cause this world
is in ruins,

everyone is mad,
so if you need help
please tell me,
and we will start it again!


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