A thought, a word, a line
all crumble down;
A sound, a voice, a life
all vanish, disappear
right in front of me
leaving an empty sight.

A truth, a doubt, a lie.
Who am I to judge, to deny
which is which
and why is why,
who you are
or what am I!

A start, a road, an end.
How long can you walk, tread;
If it weren’t for them
and you were on your own
could you bear the weight
and travel alone?

A point, a line, a shape.
Which one would you choose
instead of your face;
To show what you are 
of what you are made
which one would you trade, throw it away!

Alive, close to death, dead.
This is a topic
where you can’t choose for yourself;
You have been living and soon you will die!
Things are as they are-
you are still breathing, you are still alive.

image by: Tomasz Alen Kopera


2 thoughts on “Choice’S

  1. Very powerful.
    Sometimes, even though facts dictate that you are indeed still alive and taking as deep of breath’s as you can, the weight of the pain in your heart still leaves you questioning the reality of whether or not you are indeed truly still alive…
    🙂 Kyla

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