Whores’ Glory!

Six pm.
Just opened my eyes,
all drenched in tears, fears,
and nightmares of all kinds.
My body aches all over
and I am not sure
if it is caused by pain
or from that disgusting feel;
Yeah, disgusting…
having to hold the weight
of a complete stranger
riding on my body– a nobody,
a soulless creature
longing for pleasure
eating my body,

But I have to get up, again
cause the sun almost set
and as the night covers the sky
lights start to disappear
colors turn blind, and as for me…
what can I do
except cover with makeup
my scars, physical ones
cause they’re the only ones
that my magic stick can hide.

Even though,
it’s not like the consumer will care;
Cause as long as the product looks nice
no one bothers to look inside,
and someone will be satisfied
and then another one, and so on,
until it reaches seven or eight;
That’s when it starts to hurt
that’s when it gets sad.
Not just my body,
but all of my existence.
And there’s nothing I can do
to change that!
It’s not like I can run away
chasing butterflies
or, wasting time gazing stars
hoping for a better life…
Can I?

Well, that just wont do,
cause I need to survive!
I need to bear this pain
sometimes being happy that a client came
but mostly, feeling sad.
And still, I hold my head high.
Cause in this crazy revolving world
small, insignificant, trivial reasons
are enough to make us stand,
and hope for a better end.
So I get up, again,
on a new day that’s just the same,
wearing my armor of glory:
High heels, skirt, and a small dose of pain.

(inspired by Michael Glawogger’s movie, Whores’ Glory)


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