Do poets rest?

How can a poet rest?
-I reply.

When in love
We write of love,
When in pain
We write of pain,
When someone we hold close,
Dies! We write of death.

When someone leaves
We write of being left,
When in writer’s block
We try to surpass ourselves,
And when we cease to exist
We hope to leave enough poems-
So we won’t need to return
And continue where we’ve left.


12 thoughts on “Do poets rest?

  1. Hi Kushtrim, may I contact you regarding this poem please? I am writing a book Passion Through Poetry and would like to include this poem in my book – you will be credited, and if you agree I will provide you with a complimentary eBook copy, we are targeting first quarter 2015 for release. Is there a way I can contact you directly to discuss please? Thank you, Vonita 🙂

  2. Very good poem! If I may post a response (could be better, but it is almost four in the morning)

    Can a poet rest?
    Eyes always searching,
    Mind always racing,
    Hand always writing.
    But can a poet rest?
    Our lips always whispering
    words to be written
    until we find what we need,
    a pen in our hand.
    We rest when we write.

    • It can always be better. But the thing is, in poetry, imperfection is what makes a poem beautiful. And this is beautiful as it is, so you don’t need to spend your time “making it better”. ^_^

  3. Ahh perfect! This is THE only blog I willfully follow out of thousands on WordPress now. Thank you for continuing to write so well, Kush. Perhaps someday, I’ll be inspired and have time to go back to writing again.. some day!

    • ahha Thankkk you, Bee, and as for writing, plz don’t stop, inspiration is always there you just need to see it. And you can see it, so all that you need is to create some time for yourself. ❤

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