*A boring description of a boring successful man*

It’s six in the morning
The alarm rings
It shatters my nightmares
My dreams!
I open my eyes
Turn off the clock
Get up slowly
My soul hurts, throbs!
Take off the blanket
Scratch my crotch
Put my feet on the ground
And walk to the door,
From there
I pass the hall,
Get into the bathroom
Brush my thoughts
Then back to my room again
Sit on the couch;
Desperation takes over,
I have to get up!

With a sigh on my mouth
A pain on my back
Slow movements on my arms
I start getting dressed.
Put on my pants
Can’t find my socks
Where is my tie?
I have to hurry up!
After endless struggles
I am ready to go,
A last look on the mirror…
Oh shit, my shirt is dirty
I got to find another one!
So I change it
Then I fix my tie,
And finally I am ready to go
All suited up,
Just another day,

In this repetitive paradise.


8 thoughts on “Routine

  1. How depressing. LOL! I don’t know how I could live a life of repetition. Granted I do the same thing just about everyday, but I find ways to counteract the monotony. Some time or another, spontanious behavior needs to be inserted.

  2. I love everything about this, Kushtrim!! Even the photo. It’s so apropos. If this is a real portrait of your inner thoughts– get out! run, while you’re still young!

    • I wrote this about 2years ago, and it is one of the first poems I wrote. I was working as an accountant for a small company and you can see how it felt- how I felt at that time.
      But I did run. And the key to that was writing. I wrote for two months and I couldn’t bear it anymore( you can say that the key to my locks was writing.)
      And yes, now I am free, at least as free as I can be. 😀

  3. In a way the way that you felt then actually worked in your favor. I think most of us can relate to the poem because sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve fallen into a routine. Love this poem, it helps us realize that sometimes we need to make changes in either our personal time or work time or everything in general.

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