I am tired of these…
These Bukowski wanna be,
Coelho wannabe.
I’m tired of them…
Of them
and their words,
of their speech, of their thoughts,
of their pretentious way of thinking
of acting,
of their pretentious way of believing!
I am tired of them
and in a way, I hate them!
For they all are good writers,
but they lack truth, emotion,
blood, pain, tears
and the most important thing,
they lack desire.


5 thoughts on “Bored

  1. It might not in anyway be obvious, thinking of the way I write myself, no blood, pain or tears, or very very rarely, however I get frequently slightly irritated for the very same reason as you. And also understand why I’m drawn towards certain writers and poets. However, it can be equally ‘boring’ if there is an indulgence in pain and suffering, where honesty also here is lacking…. hard to explain, perhaps you know what I mean. I suppose, no matter the topic, if there is a sense of honesty and ‘realness’ behind it, I’m intrigued.

    • It’s just that I really got bored/tired Hanne, for almost one in three writers I encounter, reassembles Bukowski, and that’s just sad.
      Yeah, he was a good writer which I respect(and secretly admire :P), but it’s just too much. And the reason I wrote this one was a quote I read a long time ago:
      “The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.” – Salvador Dali
      And yeah, I get you 🙂

      • I found it quite liberating you wrote that poem about it 🙂
        And great quote to call it out. Yeah, I get you! 🙂
        Someone also once said, there are no original ideas… I tend to agree. We pick up consciously and unconsciously inspiration along the way and make it into our own blend and ‘signature’ which is a different thing as to repeat or copy, I think.

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