What’s the point?
You live, covered in gold.
You’ve never felt a fear
You’ve never shed a tear;
Yet, you go,
Cling on to life
No reason to live,
No reason to die!
You have given in,
Into this materialistic life,
Prioritizing your flesh
While forgetting the soul
Which keeps him alive.
That’s why it doesn’t matter
If you still breath, or die!

I see you on the street
You hold your head high
Your handmade suit talks,
It shows me your elegance.
It tells me stories
Of how it is made,
Of how it is done,
Shows me the images of a young girl
Whose hands are bleeding
While she’s sewing your tie!

But it’s not like you care
And even if you do,
There’s nothing you would have done!
Cause you’re feeling comfortable
Wearing a suit,
Which is sewed in blood.

Now I ask you again,
What’s the point?
Now that you’ve gained everything
And still can’t be pleased,
What’s the point?
To fall so low for nothing,
To fall lower than a beast!


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