Common Eternity

There she was.
She sat on one of the chairs, took out a small notebook from her purse and started scribbling something in it.
As for me, I could not take my eyes off her, I simply couldn’t!
The need to look at her was stronger than all of me.
Stronger than my mind, stronger than my body, and even stronger than my soul itself!
I forgot about the book I was reading, even though I just got to the best part of it;
I forgot about the square, that was filled with people;
I forgot about my tea that started getting cold;
I forgot about this life, and I forgot about death; I forgot all the things I knew,  everything!
I forgot everything that got me to where I am today, and all I could see was her.
It was as if all the Universe disappeared, as if all the surroundings turned to black and she was the only one that shone, giving light to that void that had just been created in front of my eyes…
I am not sure how long my drifting lasted, and how much time passed in that state that I was in. I just know this:
She closed her notebook, put it in her purse, woke up, and slowly, captivatingly, charmingly, smoothly walked away.
I was in awe!
Not able to move, think, or act!
And if I could have been able to see myself at that moment, for sure, I would look a little too much retarded.
And that moment passed, but not that sight.


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