Spiritual detachment

You died.
I saw you
falling slowly
towards the ground
with your body
as light as a feather
you fell,
you hugged the ground.
You ceased to exist!
Right there
in front of my eyes,
I was confused, lost,
and angered
at the same time.
You went away
to a distant place,
somewhere far; to a place
that can’t be reached
by my poor thoughts
and can’t be touched
by my wicked mind!
You vanished,
just like salt.
Leaving deep, opened cuts
on my legs
that ache, each time I walk.

You died!
I saw your soul
when it left.
You died!
And after a while
a soul came back.
But it was not yours
it was someone else’s.
You died!
I’m sure of that.


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