Modern Slaves

Here I am
climbing these stairs
slowly, without taking a rest,
exhausting myself on daily basis
just to increase the need
for my…
physical appearance?
You can say:
“It’s not about the money!”
you may be right,
but why do we work
do you realise?
I’m sure
we don’t do that
in order to quench
our spiritual appetite.

No, we climb up
just to get a glimpse,
just to have a little part
in that so called
“good life”,
the one in which
the main character always lives
leaning on corpses
stepping on them,
just to support his own rise.

And now,
there is nothing we can do
to change this fucked up fact;
Cause this is where we were born
and like this we were raised up,
this is how we became
and that’s how we will always be;
Just some weaklings
who sell their soul
to feed their lust; O
r even worse…
give it for free!


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