Scent of Silence

…and they come with their smiles
their jokes, and their laughs
their long hair on one side
(sometimes wearing a dress
and sometimes, undressed);

walking towards me, slowly
seducing my every cell,
speaking through their red-dyed lips
the words:
“O my, what a lovely soul you have!”

they move as I want them to
and as I want them to, they act;
but I would trade them all
just for one moment,
one moment of silence
that once,
with you I shared.


2 thoughts on “Scent of Silence

  1. Ahh well written! Silence – indeed one of the most beautiful things you can share with your beloved 🙂 And this reminded me of Bukowski when he said women – good women – eventually wanted his soul and he wanted to keep the little that was left of him!

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