Bright Future

At this rate
Everything we know
will be explained.
Why we love
why we feel
why we dream
why we crave;
And why it hurts
to be left alone
to be lied to,
to be betrayed!

And I feel bad
for the upcoming future
dyed in white
(combined with just
some tiny dots of black)
No green, no blue
no red…

One day a human being
will wake up
with the need to feel sad;
But he won’t!
He will just say:
“It’s nothing!
Science said that
sadness is made of this
and that.”
He will take a pill
and he will live; Just fine!
Not happy, not sad.

But that will be
the death;
The death of feelings
hopes, dreams…
humanity’s death,
soul’s death;
The death of us!
And that’s sad.


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