O my eyes
Why wont you see?
I am not blind, and death, still hasn’t taken me.
I walk the earth
And take you with me
So why won’t you look! Why wont you see?
The things that I,
That we, that us did.
Why wont you look, and judge us; Judge me!

O my eyes
Don’t go blind on me
Look, look, and talk; Talk back to me!
For I am to blame
For all these wars, deaths
Pollution, hatred, and this ever-growing stress.
And it’s not only me.
It was never only me, only two, or only three!
Ah, how good would it be,
If it were only one, only three; If it were only me!


O my eyes
I am sorry! I am sorry!
For what I made you go through, for what I made you see!


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