A glimpse of immortality

Allow me to make you immortal
To never let you die,
To make your name resound through ages
By depicting your body
Letter by letter; Line after line.

And how will I do that,
You may wonder?

Through words, of course;
Through poetry,
Through black-inked lines.
Just like Aphrodite was
Or Poe’s, lil’ Lenore
The beauty which kept Shakespeare alive
Or the one, for whom Neruda spoke.
Baudelaire’s Madam Sabatier
That brought him to his knees
Or Isabella Jones, responsible
For warming the heart,
The poetry of Keats!

Just like they were immortal
So you will be;
Allow me to make you immortal–
And by making you immortal-
Immortal, I too, shall be.



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