Fall UP

What if earth
chooses to release us
and let us go away!
How would it feel?
To fall up,
to see the ground as it runs
as it flees,
as it gets away from us…
While we just stay
in panic and awe,
shocked and afraid,
not able to move or react
just falling, and falling
farther and further away.

on the empty space
watching at earth
as it gets smaller and smaller
slowly losing the sense-
the sense that it once had.
Now all alone down there
with all the things-
the tiny little things
that used to bind us to that place,
which now look so small,
so insignificant…
compared to that place;
The one where we are heading,
the one we’ll hit,
after our fall ends.

So don’t you be afraid of heights
and always seek a higher place,
cause in case that earth
decides to throw us
and let us go away,
you’ll be the first one
to reach, to fall,
on that beautiful place.

                                                                                                  image by: Imaginary Foundation


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