I stand on the brink
of life and death
swinging forth, then back
moving my legs
the right, then the left
thinking about something-
nothing takes me there.
Not this wind that blows
with her gale force
pushing my arms
my back, my legs
trying to change my thoughts
the way I see
trying to change, the me
who I am,
who I am supposed to be?!
I stand in that line
I try to hold firm
but I’m weak, I lean;
My feet slip, I fall
sometimes into the light
other times I fall, deep,
into that dark abyss
into that cold grip.
I suffocate,
I start to scream
can’t hear myself
can’t hear anything,
those voices that shout
and those who stand still
they all seem empty, hollow
they all seem…
too clean!
I pass by them
indifferent, of their tiny
good deeds
I keep on falling, falling
it’s good to fly
ah, it’s good to be freed.


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