Broken Wings

On a corner she laid.
Broken as she was-
she wept;
Crying tears she could not laugh-
she stayed;
On the brink of insanity
she remained;
Watching the days go by
she tried to understand
nothing made sense,
at least not in this life
so she waited for the next.

If things were different
and life was fair,
she would have everything…
and without the need to dream
she would have
a huge house,
as a place to live
a beautiful bed,
where she could sleep
a cheerful family,
to purge her fears
and a perfectly carved coffin
if one day,
she ceased to exist.

life is life,
and fairness is not her trait
so, when you are down
and all the hope is gone
change your perspective
raise your head,
and looking down on you
wont be laughs,
but smiles instead.


3 thoughts on “Broken Wings

  1. She has the power to mold her existence by not just existing. She has a heart beat to make life a musical. She can’t just close her eyes and die, when open eyes will encourage a better life. Nice piece to inspire hope….

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