After ten, twenty,
fifty or hundred years,
I don’t want to be remembered
as a face who walked, talked
and lived as a human.
Cause truth be told,
I’ve never felt like one of them.

Even though,

from their perspective
I may have looked like one,
I may have walked
and talked like one.
But that was just me
pretending to be one of them.

As I was growing up,

I saw them walk, and walk I did;
I saw them talk, and talk I did;
I saw them lie, cheat, act,
and just like them,
I did the same;
But now that I think back
I realise:
I was never one of them!

I don’t want to be remembered
as a face,
and I don’t want to be remembered
as a name…
I don’t want that!
I want to be remembered… 
as Someone.

Someone who walked
talked, loved, and lied like a human.
Someone who did all these things,
and yet,
was none of these things.
Someone who was free,
and at the same time a prisoner.
A prisoner of no one and nothing 
but still,
saw chains in his hands
and iron bars in front of his face.

In fact,
now that I think about it,
I don’t even want to be remembered
as Someone;
I want to be remembered
as Something.


11 thoughts on “Something!

  1. Does it really matter?

    Whether it takes ten, one hundred or ten thousand years we will all eventually be remembered as Nothing.
    Or rather we won’t be remembered at all.
    And there’s still an eternity of oblivion to go after that.

    Be Nothing now.
    Stop trying to delay the inevitable.

    • Smart,
      But for the moment
      I want to live as anything
      and everything.
      Cause as you said,
      maybe I’ll become nothing.
      But before that happens,
      let me enjoy being something..

      • I guess I can see why you might want that.
        Or why you might not.
        I guess it depends on what you think you are.
        Not a hundred years from now.
        Not before you were born.
        Here and now.

  2. Chains are not that bad sometimes
    ’cause you can lean into them
    when you are unstable
    so one can be what one want
    even as a prisoner in a free world
    They will give you a number
    forget your face and name
    ’cause they all are face- and nameless
    when they started to mimic others
    and you end up being something

    So I will remember that something
    as words, thoughts and feelings
    ’cause I never had a face to begin with

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