Unmade bed

Here I am,
laying on my bed
trying to remember her face
and her wonderful scent.
It’s been how long
since I saw her face?
Four or five hours?
it seems I
 lost the sense
of time and space
and all I can think
are her eyes
and her curly hair…
who took my smile away.

So here I am, on my bed
stretching my arm to the other side
just to feel her body there…
oh, that beautiful smell!
Even though I know
she’s not there anymore
I just want to check,
and double check again
cause my need to have her
it’s driving me insane.

After five hours
in this plant state
I decide to get up,
and start living again.
So I go outside, in the balcony
to feel the breeze blowing on my face…
but it’s just that,
every move the wind makes
it reminds me of her breath.
I want to immediately go inside again,
but I just can’t!
I just can’t stand
looking at that bed.
So I decide to stay
and watch that beautiful sun…set.

Just like my feelings from that day
hiding, to never be seen again.


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