Stuck in the sound

I’m trying to paint a sound-
A beautiful melody
That has been echoing in my mind;
One, that kills my insanity
Only for a second
But it’s more than enough;
To open my eyes!
See the world how it really is
Hear it how it sounds
And taste it,
While I’m burning my tongue!

A sound,
That will give me the sense of freedom
Now, when the sense is not around.
That will make me smile
And will grant me wings

In these times
When skies are clouded,
And it’s not a small feat to smile
Without holding a knife behind your back,
Filled with your poisoned grudge.

I’m feeling kind of lost;
Trying to paint the sound of universe
Using only my words.
Thus, proving my own incompetence
In understanding, perceiving
And making sense…
In this senseless world!


9 thoughts on “Stuck in the sound

  1. paint, if you must
    golden hills and silvery coasts
    melody of unsung songs
    traces of unfound shores
    fill this void, keep me afloat
    paint all that echoes
    in your resplendent soul

    ^_^ ah memories!

    LOVE this, kush ❤

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