If I ride the unwavering tides
will I reach the places I like?
Go there where no one has been
dance with the wind,
make love with a queen.

Change my ordinary clothes
into something more real!
To resemble knights of old
I’d even trade my boat,
for an armor of steel.

And when I’m all ready
and suited up,
I’d prepare my horse
to start my adventure
on these uncertain lands!

Chasing the ancient dragons
raiding forgotten caves
then, fall in love
in a dark night,
with the forest elves!

That’s what I would do
if the unmoving wind
would push my sails,
I’d lower my anchor
only in the forgotten land!

But, my ship is dull
and so are my sails!
The land I seek,
doesn’t exist;
Now, I guess, I need to lay!


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