How do you manage,
please, tell me!
You wake up on the same day
you fix your look, hair,
put on your fake smile
and you just go out there…
It’s strange, 
it’s really strange,
how can you hide 
all that rotten personality,
all that hate
with just two millimeters-
only two millimeters of facade!
You’re good,
no, I better say you’re great,
but nothing special,
just another one living under the clouds
roaming around the earth
together with a billion same!
But, I gotta appreciate your effort
cause it causes a lot of strain on the brain;
You act,
only to be accepted by other actors
in order for some other actors
to act at you in the same way?
That’s a hard life to live, 
but still, you’re one of the best!


One thought on “Act.

  1. With some practice the days pass by in a blink of an eye. And 2mm are more than enough after some time.
    – Got some bitter feelings mixed in this but I kinda like it. At the same time the “compliment” is somewhat reassuring

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