Crimson Lie

Drip by drip, the glass gets filled
By dreams never fulfilled
And stories, never revealed!
By fields of green that reach for the sun
Trying to take part in it,
Be part of that red, crimson light!
By those fields, that in your head lie
Filled with penguins, all of them hollowfied.
It’s a scary sight, it sends chills in your spine
But, you love it, that sweet insanity touch!

Not able to move, you stare;
Static, lunatic, turned to stone
As you watch those green fields rot.
Unable to grasp the essence of fear
You live a life filled with horrors
Cladded, in clothes of tears!
But planes, they do not stop
They keep taking flights
Leaving you behind in those fields
That bear everything you are
But not… what you might!


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