Your own therapist!

Lift me up
cheer my face,
elevate me,
enlighten me,
give me strength.
Break my bones
push me down the stairs
and if I survive-
come on,
try to make me laugh!

I’ll clean your head
so don’t worry about that,
organize your thoughts
put them on a shelf;
I’ll teach you how to live…
I’ll do anything,
I’d be your therapist,
is that okay?
Now come on
make me laugh, make me chuckle
I don’t want to breath!

Do a trick-
then do another one,
ride your unicycle
juggle with knives;
And if one of your knives
slips from your hand
and goes for my flesh,
do not worry
I wont budge, I wont dodge,
I’ll just stay there
listening to your words,
bleeding to death,
only if you can entertain me,
only if you keep me awake!


7 thoughts on “Your own therapist!

  1. Wow, very bluntly put. I suppose that is one to look at it. I have felt this way in the past too, something along these line really. “I don’t want to breathe!”?

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