I am breathing!

Time passes in serene green
and sometimes, in the deep sea blue;
But when it passes in crimson red
that’s when my breathing stops,
that’s when I understand
what until now I didn’t knew!

Time moves on a straight line,
that my nerves can’t seem to do;
They’re not able to connect my limbs
and just like that,
in a lifeless plant I have been reduced!

Life is beautiful… but annoying,
when gazed from my window view;
Spring and summer passed fast
and all I could see 
was the cold, snowy winter
and my ears heard only snowy tunes!

Now, I am left with just some words
and I will type them down
while my lips still move.
Just so that my son can see who I was,
just so that he will know
that once upon a time, I also knew!

Inspired by “I am breathing” – a film about Neil Platt and Motor Neurone Disease(MND)


6 thoughts on “I am breathing!

    • Still, I don’t think that I was able to transfer the same emotion that the “I am Breathing” movie transferred to me.
      You should watch it when you find the time. It’s worth it!

      • Is is a movie from the theaters or indie film? I’m not familiar with it. I believe we can only know how another feels when we’ve walked in there shoes. You’ve been very close and have witnessed a lot for your young age. Have a great day. 🙂

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