So many people lost their lives
And many others, lost even more;
So many humans have been turned to sheep
Just so they can live in peace, blindfold!

Many of them became bricks
Disposable material of those who look strong;
Just to be part of something
They strayed of their path,
And thus, they became unknown!

So easily tricked they were
By simple tools that body adores;
Perfumes, glasses and bottled wines,
Hats, or just by pieces of silk cloth!

And those who survived,
The ones who were awake enough;

They were put behind the bars
For their light to be controlled-
Or worse, for their light to be shut down!


15 thoughts on “Civilization!?

  1. Freedom lost and instead the paper writes the pen…falsehood and misleading leaders who have an empty and dead heart
    Your posts are fantastic.. I may not always comment but I feel every word you say

    • Nah, don’t worry Zara, as long as you read what my good for nothing words say, you don’t need to like, or even comment!
      It’s enough that I can feel your presence here. Thank you for being here 🙂

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