Waking up in Gaza!

This was the first thing I wrote, two years ago when I started writing, and as you can see, the history is repeating itself!
As for the “human rights” which we all deem so high, you can clearly see, they are not “right” at all!

“Just woke up, feeling lost and dizzy!

My memory seems to have walked away and left me here, without the option to move my body, stranded, all covered in sand and with insane thoughts on my mind, that kind who can crack up a mountain and tear it into tiny little pieces, and there’s a huge chance for that to have already happened, because I found my body covered in sand.
But, forget about that, cause at the moment, all I want is to be able to move my body. So I start with my fingers who ache like hell, like I have been in a “Saw” movie, but, I have to move them nevertheless, so I concentrate all my strength and finally, here goes one of my fingers, it moved. You can’t imagine my joy at that moment, even if you could clearly see tears flowing through my eyes, still, the joy that I felt at that moment can’t be described nor seen, but only felt, and my God how I felt alive at that moment….

After 3-4 hours, I was able to move about 80 percent of my body!
That got me tired as hell, but the exhaustion disappeared by the thought that at least now, I could move a little.
After that, I raised my head only to find out that I’m covered in bodies, piles of bodies, hundred, thousands, or maybe even more; blood, blood everywhere, oh God, so much blood!
I panic for a while and then I start to crawl, my body, that until an hour ago couldn’t move at all, now it could almost dig on the bodies just so it could make a way, just so it could escape from that nightmare, but, no matter how much I crawled,  there was no end to them,  so many bodies…. oh, it was as frightening as much as it was sad!

I’m finally able to catch my breath, all covered in sweat and terrified to the brink of death; I stop,  just lay there;  my heart pounds so fast,  wants to get out of its closet and rip my chest, it tries to escape, cause this reality exceeds the limits that  the human flesh can handle and only the brain, only the brain can accept or reject this, this unbearable pain!

I slowly get up on my legs, shivering and shaking. Everything looks blurry. I touch my body to see if I’m missing something: a bone, a leg, an arm or my sanity, but I’m fine, everything in its right place, except for these bodies who should have been laying on their beds, kissing their wives, kids, mothers or dads, but no, they are laying there on the ground, dead, without a noise, except for the sound that blood creates as it flows from within their bodies and runs to the sewers, never to come back again….”


16 thoughts on “Waking up in Gaza!

  1. Scary, and heart-wrenching to think about, or try to imagine. There is so much judgement and hatred all around us, that it frightens me. And it is spreading, like a pathogenic disease that there is no cure for. Do we “all” really hold human rights as high as we could? I don’t think so, or at least I fear we do not. Am I alone in this attitude?

  2. I sympathize with your pain and anger. The truth is that conflict is a fact of mankind and there are guilty on all sides around the world. ‘Human rights’ has become nothing more than an excuse to control others and commit violence. There is no solution beyond each individual living in the best way he knows in the most harmonious way possible while dealing with others who have conflicting interests. There are many who know nothing other than violence and have no desire to live in harmony or peace…unfortunately this will not change.

    • Yes, Kosovo is fine now, but whenever I see Palestinians being killed and tortured it reminds me the time when we, Kosovars, were also massacred and forced to leave our homes, and it hurts, it really hurts, the fact that these things are still happening somewhere!

      • It so hard for us as Americans to understand the difficulties. So many areas have been fighting for so long, it’s hard to tell when not fighting. I knew more about Kosovo because signer James Blunt was in the peacekeeping mission. Many of his songs are about the war, you can tell he’s tortured on the inside by what he say. He also did a short documentary about Kosovo. He went back and found the same translator and tried to find some of the people he befriended while there. It was interesting but not happy. So many areas bombed out. It’s very sad. I don’t understand how all this started with Israel and Palestine. I read a great blog yesterday that outlines the history of the area starting in 1945. It’s difficult to understand all that is happening. I’m glad your safe. Have a great day. 🙂

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