Let’s meet!

We should meet!
Maybe not today
and maybe not tomorrow
and maybe not even in this life
but we should, meet.
Yes, I know what I’ll say
and I know what you’ll say
and I know how we’ll look
and I know how we’ll stay
but nevertheless,
we should definitely meet,

Under a black sky
or under an orange one;
Under a yellow sky
or under a blue one
to me,
it doesn’t matter all,
even if we meet
when there’s no sky at all.


20 thoughts on “Let’s meet!

    • I still haven’t found the time to read a Murakami book, but from what I have heard, he is realllllyyyy good!
      And for you to compare me to him, it means a lot 😀
      Thank you, Manja ^_^
      And btw, your photos are astonishing!

      • Something physical happens to your head when you read Murakami. Literally. It’s like little dormant parts of your brain light up and start to tingle. And thank you for your compliments re my photography 🙂

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