Price of Life

What would I gain
if I sold this life?
For a fair price!
Let’s say a right leg
or maybe a left one
to keep them as spare parts
just in case,
in case I need a bigger jump!

But, what price could it fetch
a thing that’s not even mine!
A thing that I borrowed
only for a short time, this–
this wasted life of mine!

What price could it fetch
a broken life,
that is used for nothing
and its worth is none;
That can fall asleep
change its way, drift
just by taking a small-
pure, concentrated white line!
I wonder, what could be the worth 
of this kind of life!
Able to crush mountains
and then lazy around, until-
until it gets crushed by time.


2 thoughts on “Price of Life

  1. Thank you 😀
    As for the last part, well, it’s about how strong human beings are, and yet, how easy they break.
    It’s about time, and the way how we use it, or how we don’t use it, until we realise that 70years have passed, and it’s time for us to go.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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