Here you are
on a big hall
walking bare feet
cutting the air,
not moving at all!

Holding the weight
of your past
which is dragging you down
you move,
yet, you’re not moving at all!

How long as it been
since you got here
after you lost it all;
Do you remember anything,
have you moved at all?

The air here seems stiff,
dark, heavy and hard
if I try to move you
it’s getting on my lungs,
I can’t move; I can’t move at all!

I’m forced to stay
in order to push you out
using uncanny words to you
you will move,
you will get far!

But, it seems that
my words wont reach
cause your brain is shut
if you just moved a bit,
I would take you out.


7 thoughts on “Step(s)

  1. I feel like the big lug not moving – the weight of my past certainly weighs me down – More than I would like. Very thought provoking piece.

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