The “I don’t care” disease

I wonder how it started, all this thing, all this negligence.
I wonder how was the sky at that time, was it bright? Was it cloudy? Was it raining or was it snowing? At that time, when the first teenager woke up and decided he should “not care”, when he decided that he should not participate and be part of this world, but hide and cry in his own little personal, disgusting and sad world.
I wonder what whispered in his ear, a demon? A human? An angel or an ancestral being? I wonder what were the words that pushed him to take that decision and turn him into a selfish human being.
I wonder how much effort did it take to break his soul, to break his soul and turn him into an emotionless little clump of flesh.
I wonder… I wonder how long did it take for him to fall in his knees? To fall and break, and while falling to lose everything that was residing in his head.
I wonder what caused the fall that made him lose the things that made him who he was, things like love, compassion, envy, and even hate… things, that made him a member of the human race! Things he ditched, only to satisfy his own little self.

I wonder when it started, all this thing, all this negligence.
And I wonder when it will stop, cause I am missing, I am missing some members of our great human race!


19 thoughts on “The “I don’t care” disease

  1. Well said, Kush! Sad state of affairs that bugs me too, but transformation and change begins with the individual. May we do our part, and may we do it well x

  2. It is beautiful post. I have the similar thought when I hear of people that chose suicide…I wonder how driven down this and their world took them…and how it simply did not have to be. You could have pulled this post of yours from my soul.

  3. I am not sure what to say – all of the wonderful comments before mine have perfectly stated my thoughts. If there is one thing I know and will make certain never happens – my boys will never ever suffer from this disease. Ever. πŸ˜‰

  4. I red it very carefully, I would love to share and share it everywhere because this disease ” is killing” our society.. and for sure will kill our future, because we don’t care about it, we even think that we have responsibility on it. I really like your writing and your ability to “fight” this disease ! For sure you are not alone, but all of us should speak laudly, and act !

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