Is it necessary?

Dead men tell no lies.
That’s what they say
that’s what I have been told.
All our life we are trained
we are taught,
to hide what we think
we’re trained to hide our thoughts.
But, I don’t feel dead
no, on the contrary,
I live, I feel alive,
enough to not fear anything
so why should I lie?
Why should my eyes roll
every time we talk,
my way of thinking could be wrong
but that doesn’t make yours right!

So please,
when you’re facing me
don’t look left,
and forget about looking right;
There’s nothing going on down
and there’s no one up;
It’s just me
and I’m standing in front,
so if you have time to waste on me,
waste a little more…
to stare inside, to stare into my soul.


6 thoughts on “Is it necessary?

  1. The eyes….windows to our soul
    What do we see when we look in?
    Fear? Faith? Doubt? Confidence? Hope? Despair?….
    ‘what’ The old man asked, ‘hideth thee’? As he brought out his half shewed kolanut, enjoying what remained as he melted with d night!
    Thanks for sharing. Thoroughly enjoyed it

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