Clouds of Pain

‘Why don’t you make it rain, 
Rain down the pain’
That’s what he said
Before he kissed me and left!

When I met her
It was pouring rain
But not a single drop was imbued in pain
So I had to leave
To not see her breath
I had to go away 
So she could love me for real
Maybe, another day.

Yes, if that day were to be today 
Then surely I would stay 
But the sun had his way
Lifting the fog from this beautiful Sunday
And all I could see was her eyes
Holding my Universe inside 
But they lacked pain 
Oh, how they lacked life!

After he left
I created hurricanes,
Typhoons, and tidal waves 
But no matter how hard I tried 
My clouds never rained.
I walked through a million hours
Only to see him again
And ask him,
‘How to make it rain?’

Suddenly, on a winter Sunday
We met!
He looked at me and said,
‘The sun made you blind 
And the wind made you deaf
That’s why I came to see you again 
And teach you, how to make it rain.’

Written in collaboration with a great friend of mine, Gresë Ramadani 


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