Blind thoughts

a never ending darkness;
One, that captivates my sight 
whenever I open my eyes, 
always there by my side
shrouding, touching, comforting me,
making me feel safe
even though I’m in a constant fear, 
a fear so great, so great
that wont vanish, nor diminish
whether I’m awake or asleep.
A fear that would’ve made

even great giants weep,
but I’ve been living with it until now
so I’m kinda used to it.

The first thing I’ve seen
and I hope it wont be my last;
That’s the only thing, 
the only thing that keeps me from giving up, 
hope, hope that one day I’ll be able to wake up
and instead of seeing with my brain,
just for once, just for once in my life 
to be able to see with my eyes.
To stop pretending, stop imagining
on how things are, or how they could be,
but just sit back
relax, and gaze upon the sea, 

the waves, and all the beautiful things,
oh, how great that would be!

But, that’s just a dream, 
just another dream 
taken from a blind man’s shelf, 
taken from my dusty shelf!
And as every other dream
this one also ends,
leaving me alone in my room 
with a sad smirk on my face,
comforted by the sour sound of darkness
whispering to me:
You are not alone, my friend,
let me lift your weight
let me carry your fears!


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