Here it comes again
that time of year
that time,
when the air I breath, turns weird
that time, 
when the words I usually use
lose their strength, their feel
they start to vanish
leaving me, leaving me here


That time,
when I feel weak, incomplete
like I’m missing a limb
or another part of me, something,
something I lack
a guide, that I should have
or maybe a string, that I could grab
or maybe all of me, all of myself
ten years, ten years of emptiness…

Memento of my dad.



6 thoughts on “Memento

  1. I understand this all too well. For me it is the month of December, January, February and March. I lost too much during these months and it is so difficult to get through them. The pain is still too great.

  2. This made me cry when I first read it, it still has the same effect. No amount of words can verbalize. He’s looking down on you, Kush and I am sure he is proud. Sending a prayer for your dad x

  3. It can also be a time to relive warm memories of your Dad…may the memories sustain you until you meet again. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Love your poetry!

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