You fall,
and I fall with you-
I fall for you.
You dance in the wind
while I’m incapable to-
to dance with you.
You run through the sky
and I can’t follow you-
I can’t chase you;
But all I can do
is stay on the ground
appreciating your beauty
like all the earthlings do.

I see you coming down
I’m not prepared
I just want to touch you-
but I can’t,
cause that will melt you.
That’s why,
just like the sun
trying to contain my flames
I burn myself away,
because if I let go
you will burn instead.
And I don’t want that
no, I can’t allow that!

I just want to watch you
and watch you,
over and over again
that’s why I stay
on the window,
by your beautiful dance.


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