“Dreams can be deceiving.”
I heard,
but so is life!
Today you see everything clearly
next day you wake up
covered in sweat, tears and lies.
Then, everything changes!
What you are
what you could become
the way you would have been
if you walked, tread
the straight white line.
The way you see, hear,
taste and feel
nothing is the same
not even your brain,
itโ€™s as if it has been replaced
by a greater, newer version
of your older self!

“Truth canโ€™t be found in darkness.”
they said,
but neither can it be found in light!
I found mine in between
there, where worlds collide!
Where fights endย 
without the need to start
where no one wins, no one loses
yet, everyone lives-
everyone is alive!
There I stay
now, that I have woken up,
reborn in my body
in my own blood!
Like a child
experiencing everything
for the first time
the sky, the moon, the sun
oh, how good it is to live,
how good is to be alive…


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