Blend’ing with the dust

One year without my friend, Blend. Hopefully you found your peace!

Why should someone–

Why should anyone grieve
for someone–
someone who forfeit his life
and decided to leave.
Someone who gave up on walks–
walks, above the hills
and chose to Blend with the soil
to maybe, find peace.

Why should someone mourn
a friends wish.
His path to eternity
or– his destructive need.
His thoughts, scattered
on the bloody ground
his regrets, spilled
on the concrete wall.

How can someone judge
over a fleeting thought?
A tick, that is created
only if we fall.
A moment of peace
that doesn’t last long,
a feeling that can’t be recalled
a life gone down.

How can they talk
without knowing shit!
Pointing fingers on the walls
saying, “That was him!”
No one should care
and neither should I,
so why?
I can’t understand why–
why are there tears
running down from my eyes.


8 thoughts on “Blend’ing with the dust

  1. Deep, a road I’ve traveled plenty of times, but you always have to keep fighting. If not for yourself than the few others who it could impact the most. Very honest. Nice poem man

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