If I had a life
I’d live,
If I had a gun
I’d kill,
If I had two birds
I’d kill one,
two are too much
then I’d kill the remaining one.

If I were to walk straight
I’d bend,
If they saw me in pain
I’d laugh,
If my legs were weak
I’d break them,
then walk on my hands
to see how pitiful I am!

If One was too much
I’d make Two,
If it weren’t enough
I’d wipe it too,
If my head was big
I’d tie it on a rope
then jump off a bridge
cause killing is wrong!

If light were to take over me
I’d taint it black,
If my face turned pale
I’d poison myself,
If pride were to consume me
I’d be sad,
then fall on my knees
and for forgiveness, beg!


11 thoughts on “Human?

  1. You’ve touched the tip of the humanity issue so many seam determined to ignore; we’ve become a cruel, crass Soul-less species that more oft than not not-just do not seem capable of feeling properly anymore. But that’s possibly just my defeated opinion. 🙂 I’m still trying to get back up after my last knock-down… ;D
    I Love your work
    ❤ Kyla

    • Thank you Kyla for giving such a thought to my poem, and it’s true, in this age we have everything that we need to join together and help each other, but still, we eat and feast at each other like we are some kind of animal whose only goal is to feed its own belly…. 😦

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